Sending Roses to a Loved One

Roses are a classic sign of love. However, did you know that each color has a distinctly different meaning? Before sending roses to someone special in your life, take a minute to read these tips to ensure you convey the message you truly want to send.


As Stated above, each shade of rose has a different connotation.

Red-The classic symbol of love, red roses signify enduring and passionate love. Send them to the one you actually love to show her just how much she means to you. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Pink-Send pink roses when you want to deliver a flower that has a milder, gentler connotation than the red rose. They say affection, sweet love and admiration.

Yellow-Yellow roses stand for friendship, loyalty and respect. When you send yellow roses that you let the recipient know how much their friendship means to you.

Orange-A unique Option, orange roses represent fiery passion. Send them if you want to send a strong message!

White-White roses signify innocence and pure love, which is why they are often used in weddings.

Lavender-Lavender roses are an eye catching option. They represent enchantment and let somebody know you're curious and enchanted by these. You can view website here for more great tips!

Arrangement Design

Did you know that when you send roses, the arrangement style can also have meaning?

Long-stemmed roses-Arrangements using long-stemmed roses symbolize feelings which run extremely profound. For instance, if you ship your true love long-stemmed roses then you are sending a message of "My love for you runs deep".

Shorter arrangements- Rose bouquets which are briefer (or "pave-style") are suitable for someone that has a trendier, hipper, more contemporary style.

Mixed rose bouquets-Bouquets of roses provide off a more casual, breezy feel. As an example, a bouquet of roses in mixed colors is an excellent "casual" option and also fine for birthdays.

Vase Style

If you send roses, then you have a wide array of choices when It regards the kind of vase. Similar to the points listed above, you should take a person's personality into consideration when deciding upon you. Straightforward vases are great for antique red roses since they will not detract from the roses. Vases in fun shapes or styles are also available--for example, short block vases and tea cup vases are a couple of instances.

Personalized Message

When you compose your message, Make certain you customize it just a little bit. Personalized messages are far more heartwarming than something generic. As you can see, you can communicate plenty of different messages when you send roses. Keep the above points in mind the next time you send flowers to your loved one.